Review – Improv Comedy Show @ Shetland Wordplay Festival

Stand up comedy followed as Unst-based Glasgow exile Sandy Nelson took to the stage for Horseplay, an improv show that revolved around book and film.

He was joined by fellow Glaswegians Raymond Mearns, a regular on the UK comedy circuit, and Allen Chalmers, a comedian and musician. Great hilarity ensued as the trio reacted to audience suggestions during their hour on stage.

Chalmers’ piano playing was superb as he accompanied random scenes, such as a two headed Sean Connery discussing his new film about pretty ponies, and a guessing game where Nelson and Mearns bravely sang the blues from the perspective of tragic literary figures Humbert Hubert and Madame Bovary.

All in all it was a brilliant event, and here’s hoping that more will follow soon


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