Reviews / Press Quotes

“A personality so huge it fills the room” – The List

“Every line that issues from this man is funny” –

“Exceptionally Funny and Cathartic” – The Scotsman

“A Genuine Improvisational Genius” – Frankie Boyle

“A man that knows how to swear properly” – Billy Connolly

“Creating an instant rapport with the audience” – Fest Magazine

“If Billy Connolly was still Scottish he would just about be the equal of Ray Mearns” – The Skinny

“A Genuinely Charismatic and Funny Entertainer” – The Metro

“A voice of the People” – The Metro

“Great Hilarity Ensued, a brilliant event” – The Shetland Times

“Scottish accents make anything you say sound charming” – Time Out New York

“A small but Wonderful role” – The Scotsman

“A level of consistency few can match” – Edinburgh Evening News