Fringe 2011 Review – Three Weeks

ED2011 Comedy Review: Raymond Mearns: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stress But Were Afraid To Ask ●●●○○

by Kirsten Waller

Having featured in a stress-busting NHS DVD three years ago, Raymond Mearns presents his own particularly Scottish way of coping with life’s many foibles. The jokes come pretty thick and fast: many playing on Glaswegian stereotypes, some with surprisingly clever observations and a few that are fantastically filthy. There’s also a fair bit of interaction with the front row which, given the small size of the venue, can occasionally be a little intimidating. However, Mearns has enough charm to pull this off, and by and large treats the audience with great generosity. In short, not a show that will set the world on fire – but it will provide an hour’s worth of relaxed and restorative chuckling.

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