Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 9 – Wednesday 12th August

Black Wednesday?

Black Wednesday is the first Wednesday of the Fringe and is traditionally regarded as the day that’s hardest for attracting an audience.

I have been doing the Fringe on and off since 1997 and to be honest I have never heard of this.

black wednesday

Ignorance really must be bliss, because when everyone else was putting the voodoo on themselves and presuming they wouldn’t get anyone in, I carried on flyering and filled the room.

However, now that I know all about Black Wednesday, I will probably bomb next year on this day as the knowledge becomes self-fulfilling.


It’s all in The Mind

That’s par for the course, as I can talk myself into and out of anything and can sometimes trigger psycho-sematic illnesses if I am stressed or over-anxious.







I never believed it was possible but there have been times on my life when I have had big problems especially with my voice and stress makes it worse!

There was an occasion a few years ago when I was supposed to do a gig in Coventry on a Wednesday evening prior to going across to Leicester Jongleurs for shows on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.







It was during the summer holidays and in those days I often took my son Michael with me who, at the time, would have been about eleven years old.

We had a twin room booked at The Grand Hotel in Leicester but I only had a single room booked for me in Coventry and because I didn’t know the promoter very well I didn’t have the courage to ask if I could get a twin room to accommodate the both of us.

I knew about this issue weeks in advance and rather than call the promoter and explain the situation I did nothing and fretted and worried about it every minute of every day for weeks until the Tuesday evening before we were due to set off I was struck down by a mystery pain in my side.

It was absolute agony!


I had to go to Accident and Emergency, the pain was so bad that the Doctors considered giving me a pain killing injection but they had no idea what was wrong with me. They didn’t doubt I was in genuine pain but they were totally baffled.

I couldn’t possibly go to Coventry the next morning so I called the promoter from my hospital bed, explained I was at Death’s door and he was very understanding, he wished me well and said he would book someone else for the gig instead.

About a minute after the call ended I found that I was miraculously cured, I got up Lazarus like from my hospital bed, got dressed and left!

True story, what a nutcase!

Room Service!

When we got to Leicester, we checked into the Grand Hotel and we had a great time, although, Michael had a better time than me.

the grand leicester






I went to do the gig at Jongleurs in the evening and left Michael in the room telling him to stay there. He had some snacks and drinks with him so everything should have been fine.





When I came back after that first show on the Thursday, there were 8 empty Pepsi bottles on the table and a load of chicken bones on a plate. Michael was lying on his bed with his hand’s behind his head looking like a model of contentment.

pepsi bottles

chicken bones





“What’s all this shit?” I asked

Michael looked at me, surprised I didn’t know about his amazing discovery and said “Room service, they bring it up to the room for free!

“Free my arse, I have to pay for all that when we leave”

Actually, I wasn’t too worried, it made me smile and I thought nothing more of it until we went to check out and I found out, when I got the bill, that he had been watching porn on the quadriga system all weekend as well!

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