Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 5 – Saturday 8th August

Sex and Death

It’s the first Saturday of the Fringe and the streets are full of people eager to see something and by extension, it’s not too difficult to attract enough souls for a full house!

flyering 1


flyering 2

My show this year is, as usual, confessional in nature and takes the form of a series of anecdotes peppered with as many left turns and call backs as possible, It’s called “Growing Old Disgracefully”. The title giving you an insight, hopefully, into the theme of the show.

The theme is important, but the title is the hook, and a great title can attract an audience!

Comedy is about the funny side of tragedy, it’s about pain and misfortune, nobody can be arsed listening to someone talking about how great their life is, the bad stuff is far more compelling!

And the more salacious and tragic, the better and if you have a gimmick as well, then you’re halfway home.

Shows such as; “Shaggers” where comedians tell sex stories and “Comedians Death Stories” where they talk about dying on their arse on stage are popular with audiences because they are based on truth (well the death stories definitely are anyway, I don’t know many comedians who get loads of sex) and this year at the Fringe there is “The naked stand-up” I think I have an idea what that’s about, but knowing my luck when I go along to see it, for purely artistic reasons, it will probably be a dude!


comedy death

naked stand-up






Street Performers and a load of Pants

Everybody is hustling, if they’re not doing a show they are escaping from strait-jackets on the royal mile, juggling fire or being a statue. And then there are the buskers, and they seem to do very well in a short space of time.

street performer









This year halfway up the Grassmarket there is even a lady sitting with a typewriter offering to write you a page of instant smut tailored to your particular perversion!



You can make money doing anything at The Fringe and this was confirmed when a middle aged woman stood across from the Beehive Inn and offered to flash her knickers for a pound a time! She was doing a roaring trade and made about a hundred pounds, which she will need to pay the fine, as her performance was cut short when she got jailed for indecency.

female flasher






Saturday Night’s all Right for fighting

My room was full on Saturday, as it often is thankfully, but it can sometimes be difficult when you have to tell prospective audience members there’s no more seats.

Being a Z list Scottish celebrity I sometimes have hordes of people (at least a dozen) up sticks and come through to Edinburgh just to see my show and when you have to tell them we’re full and they cannot get into a show, that’s free, they kick-off!

It’s the perfect way to prepare for an hour of gentle story-telling, rolling about with a handful of angry drunks but I have to say that Her Indoors handles things brilliantly as she is from Motherwell and can fight like fuck!

bar fight

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