Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 3 – Thursday 6th August

In Memoriam

George Cole aka Arfur Daley in Minder passed away today in the same week as poor old Cilla Black – the 80’s was my era and (whilst Cilla really made her bones in the 60’s and George was Flash Harry in St Trinians in 19 fuckin canteen) they were both two of the most famous faces of the 1980’s

Apart from all the TV presenting paedophiles, who else was big in the 80’s?

Ronald Reagan, Thatcher and Adam Ant, fuck me they are all either dead, bad or Mad!

Lost and Found

Her Indoors, (my girlfriend Ann) told me that a guy in her work had found a phone outside his house as he made his way to work this morning, and presumed it belonged to one or other of his neighbours.

He tried to turn the phone on and found that the battery was drained so he brought it into the work and charged it! Once charged he turned it on, trying to find any information about the devices owner, maybe a selfie in the photo file gallery perhaps

They went into the gallery and all that there was were five cock pictures! It was by all accounts quite a magnificent member but insufficient as a means of identification, and in any case didn’t really narrow things down as there are two Willie’s a Boaby and loads of Dick’s living in his block.

Upon further investigation, the owner’s identity was arrived at by a scan of the address book and it was decided that, naturally, the phone would be returned to its owner, who as it turns out works away a lot and lives with his mother, but not before setting one of the cock pictures up as the devices screen saver.

Meanwhile back at The Fringe

What a beautiful day it was today in Edinburgh! The sun shone and it was busy on the Grassmarket and all the flyering has started in earnest!

There are competitions for the best poster and the best flyer as well as the many other competitions at the Fringe and some amazing designs can be seen, but one particular design by Bruce Fummey, or rather his son Zack, is causing some concern.

bruce fummey beehive






Bruce Fummey has a mock up of a Royal bank of Scotland 10 Pound note!

tenner front1

It’s probably illegal to start off with but that’s not the problem!

tenner back1



The problem is that some of them are ending up in my fuckin’ bucket!

There are enough tight wads coming to see “Free show’s” without giving them the where with all to fuck off without paying!

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