Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 27 – Sunday 30th August

Nearly There

It’s the last Sunday of the Fringe and quite a few of the performers had finished their shows on Saturday Night. In previous years, despite the fact the Fringe always finishes on Monday, I would also finish up on the Saturday night but for some reason, I came back!

nearly there






Today was a busy day, this afternoon Bob and I did our comedy therapy based radio show “Better Out Than In” on Camglen 107.9 between 2 and 3pm and we talked about anxiety!

raymond and bob camglen

Or rather, I talked about my personal anxieties and Bob did his CBT voodoo bit.

It was a lot of fun today and things seemed to go smoothly, added to this, Bob also mentioned that; “Better Out Than In” was the most listened to Camglen show on mixcloud, last week.




I hope it’s not down to Bob listening to the show over and over that’s achieved this massive tally of 19 listens, just as the number of hits to my website has gone from 50 to 250 per day due to my constant need to correct typo’s on this blog!

stressed writer






If you are at all interested you can listen to the first “Better Out Than In” show again via this link:


Going all the way

old men in black

As well as doing my show tonight, I will also be back in Edinburgh on Monday to do a spot on the final “Old Men In Black” show at The Beehive at 2.40pm and will then do some flyering for my final fringe 2015 show on Monday evening at 7.55pm.



As you can see from this photo the wee room at the top of the Beehive Inn is quite small and holds about 50 people!


beehive comedyOn a Saturday night at the Fringe I could probably fill it twice over, but most of the time, it’s the perfect size for a Fringe show.

Notice The huge Mirror behind the stage.



For Fringe performances the stage is set up at the opposite end of the room from the Mirror and this was originally done because we used to have a spotlight.

We found that when we were using the spotlight, whilst onstage, with the mirror behind us, the audience got fucking blinded!


Not that it matters that much these days because, during the Fringe run in 2012, some thieving bastard kept stealing the bulbs out of the spotlight, so we haven’t used one since!

We now just do the show with a microphone and keep the house lights on.

You never know who is listening

I must be building up some sort of an audience as I got a text from my daughter this afternoon, who was going through to Edinburgh on the train and overheard two ladies talking about coming to see my show!


They said “we need to get to the Beehive early as he is always busy and we might not get in”



Now that’s nice, people are really talking about this as opposed to all of that bullshit on facebook, but what if they were saying bad things? Would my daughter, knowing my fragile and sensitive constitution, report that?

I doubt it! Those closest to me, despite the fact they think I am a complete knob, are very protective of me.

Anyway this reminded me of a time when I said something negative about another comedian.

I was speaking to two ladies in Shetland during the “Wordplay Festival” in 2011.

At the time I was in a pretty bad space as my marriage had just collapsed without any warning, two weeks earlier, and I swear I was on the brink of madness.







Anyway, these two Ladies asked me what I thought about another comedian, who shall remain nameless, and I said “I think he’s shite”!

What were the chances? It transpired that the younger of the two ladies was the comedian’s girlfriend!

As if I didn’t have enough crap to deal with at the time.

I should just keep my opinions to myself!



Aye that’ll be right!

More ill-conceived, half-baked and generally ignorant rantings to follow!


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