Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 23 – Wednesday 26th August

Another Rude Awakening

Given my gargantuan exertions and poor culinary choices on Tuesday, I never got out of my kip until midday and this is unusual for me as I normally get up fairly early in the day despite working and doing stand-up gigs the night before.

I think it’s an age thing, the way that pensioners seem to get up earlier and earlier the older they get despite the fact they have absolutely fuck all to do.

old guy sleeping






My sleep however was interrupted at 7.30am, by the guy delivering the treadmill, previously alluded to in the blog a day or two ago. I don’t know if the guy had knocked on the door a few times, as I was completely zonked, but the knock that woke me was pretty loud and startled me!

just woke up

I got up totally dis-orientated, pulled on my breeks and rushed downstairs to answer the door, half dressed.

I opened the door, it was raining and I was in a shit state. The delivery guy wasn’t happy because he also had to negotiate the skip that was blocking the driveway to get the treadmill, which was pretty heavy and bulky, to the front door.

I saw that the guy was clearly pissed off and, as is my default, I pathetically apologized, saying; “Sorry man, I work nights”

angry boxman







Why do I always do this, it’s a pain in the arse, would it not be easier to ask these people if they could deliver stuff in the middle of the day!

It never seems to be a problem for that shower of lazy bastards at the Post Office, who haven’t delivered anything in the morning for years!

postman pat






Anyway the delivery guy brought the treadmill inside, and I went back to bed!

Party on Dudes

As I was driving though to Edinburgh the news was on the Radio and:

According to NHS Scotland, Alcohol sales in Scotland have increased for the first time in 4 years with an equivalent of 41 bottles of vodka being consumed for every adult in Scotland, every year.

vodka bottles

If we consider that 70% (office for national statistics) of adults admitted to having a drink in the last year and discount the 30% of teetotallers, then the actual adjusted figure is nearer to 59 (58.57) bottles of vodka consumed per adult, per year!


That’s more than a bottle of vodka per week each for everybody who admits to having a drink.

drunk girls



Now either we are really tanning the bevvy like mad or I’m not the only one cleaning a guitar case!

The Edinburgh Comedy Award

fosters comedy award



Nominations for the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award were announced today and it’s great to see Seymour Mace and Larry Dean amongst the list of nominees.


seymour mace

Seymour has been one of the best live stand-up comics on the UK circuit for the past ten years and if anybody deserves to be recognised it’s Seymour, he is one of the nicest men on the circuit and has just worked away doing his own thing in his own unique way the next time you see him listed at a comedy club local to you, buy a ticket you won’t be disappointed.




larry deanLarry is new to the scene, he won the Scottish Comedian of the Year title in 2013 and has been ripping it up ever since, it’s great to see young Scottish stand-up’s recognised by the wider industry and this nomination will give a huge boost to Larry’s career. Not that it would have made much difference though, he is a brilliantly funny and hard-working stand-up anyway!



Best of Luck to both of them, there can only be one winner of the main prize, but when someone does win, I hope it’s either Seymour or Larry.


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