Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 2 – Wednesday 5th August

A wee bit of recognition

We are well and truly in the swing and what a nice surprise it was, this morning, to find that I have been given a nice write up in www.chortle.co.uk, the UK’s biggest comedy website

I have always felt like a bit of an outsider at the Festival and this seems to confirm the reasons why!

Under the Heading Edinburgh 10 x 10s, Chortle gives a number of lists of ten things to do with The Fringe e.g. 10 Award Winners, 10 Theatre Shows, etc, (the link is below) and I have been included in a list of 10 Circuit Stalwarts!

It is generally accepted within the industry that there is divide between “Edinburgh Acts” and “Circuit Acts”, the difference being and I quote:  “The latter get often difficult rooms full of people howling with laughter over a 20-minute set every Friday and Saturday night, but often don’t get the critical acclaim of the festival darlings, who typically use their hours to offer something more emotional, theatrical or artistically daring.”

You can view the article via the following link:


Or to put it another way; what’s the difference between an Edinburgh Act and A Circuit Act?

A middle class accent!

Still it’s nice to be recognised occasionally by the UK comedy industry’s biggest  website.

In the meantime I will be searching the inetrnet for a good deal Elocution Lessons

“How now ya big broon Cow!”

Tropical Storm my arse!

(or, dear Mr BBC Weatherman, I doubt the credulity of your forecasts)

The weather forecast said it was likely to resemble “Tropical Storm” conditions in Edinburgh today so I didn’t bother packing my sunglasses, but I should have!

It was lovely on the road through and by a miracle it only rained during my show between 7.55pm and 8.55pm.tropical storm

I am telling you, I have a charmed life, and this was confirmed earlier, when I got the Park and Ride, bought my ticket and the tram turned up almost immediately and the front seat behind the driver was free Again!


Selling the Show

I got to the Grassmarket and it wasn’t very busy. Maybe I had arrived too late for the tropical storm that had chased everyone away, but despite this I got down to selling my show.

With a bunch of flyers in hand I not only give them out but, as I had mentioned yesterday, I actually engage the people, and this is the best way to build an audience.

Most acts at The Fringe don’t like doing their own flyering and I understand the reasons why!

In their mind they are thinking that the public will perceive them as being desperate or so low rent that they cannot afford the proper publicity and proper flyering teams.

In the old days I felt the same way, you felt that it demeaned you and this affected how you operated, the person taking the flyer would see you were a bit uneasy as well and this just compounded the problem!

You were more or less saying “I feel shit about this situation, I am embarrassed, come and see my show that I am feeling shit and embarrassed about”!

In the old days I would also have loads of posters printed at an enormous cost and would then walk around the city putting them up in shops, takeaways, barbers, tattoo studios, even in the bars on the Pubic Triangle and they never, ever worked!

I would also buy a bucket, brush and some paste and illegally fly post early on Sunday mornings and all I ever got from that was a load of hassle of the Police and fined!


the judge






As well as posters, I also got 5000 flyers printed and would pay others to hand them out, or bin them when my back was turned.

a bin








Either way it cost me loads of money and never had any discernible benefit!

These days I don’t bother with posters and since 2013 I have only used half of the 5000 flyers, which is my normal amount ordered. They usually come in two boxes, but, for the past two years I haven’t needed to open the second box.

I do my own flyering, I meet people on the street, I get to know them a little and they get to know me and these days I make a decent living at the Fringe as opposed to the old days when I would end up in debt after chopping down half of Finland for paper!

Come and say hello if you see me flyering outside The Beehive Inn on The Grassmarket!

the beehive



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