Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 19 – Saturday 22nd August


After the show tonight we had a couple of drinks in the Beehive Inn with a friend and his missus!

having drinks






As I was coming back from the bar, a guy, who was a wee bit older than me, looked at me, pointed and said “Hey it’s you! I recognise you from the radio!”

Recognised from the Radio!

listening to radio








I hadn’t even opened my mouth, this is sensational, surely it’s confirmation, if any were needed, that I must be getting famous.

You can recognise me on the radio as well by listening to the second episode of “Des Clarke Exposed” on the BBC iplayer.

It’s a brilliant comedy show mixing stand-up and sketches.

Here’s the link:


des exposed





Eight Legs or Sixteen Legs?

It was a typical weekend at The Fringe with more people turning up to the show than could actually get in to see it and Her Indoors, as usual, handled the situation perfectly.

crowd trying to get in





On Friday night, a group of eight men turned up about ten minutes after the show had started and, as it was full, had no chance of getting in.

They had been drinking and started to get a bit arsey, saying it was a free show and they were coming in to see it and she couldn’t stop them, blah, blah, blah!

pissed up angry blokes





There was a bit of an argument but Her Indoors despatched them firmly and courteously.

During the day on Saturday there was a big spider on the wall at home, I don’t really have a fear of spiders but Her Indoors is terrified of them, so I got up from the chair, grabbed the spider and put it out the window, much to the relief of my good lady.

Skinny house spider

It was then she posted the following on Facebook:

I had to turn away at least 30 people at the Mr’s gig last night, 8 of whom were a group of guys who didn’t want to leave. This morning he’s laughing as he puts a spider out the window because I’m a fearty! He says “You’d rather face 8 guys than a teeny wee spider” ……”Aye!”

Would I rather remove one wee spider or confront eight pissed up angry blokes? Now let me see.

Mathematically at the very least it’s a No Brainer, a spider only has eight legs and eight blokes have sixteen legs and the eight blokes were pissed and argumentative whereas the spider was sober, well I presume it was sober as it was around lunchtime, unless the spider was a day drinker.

drunk spider






And, it’s clearly, a sign of the times we live in when the comments and discussion following the status update are all about spiders instead of battling with eight pissed up angry blokes.

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