Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Daily Blog – Day 13 – Sunday 16th August

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sunday was still a Fringe day! I went and did my show as usual at The Beehive Inn, in Edinburgh and it went well, though I spent most of today doing something, completely different!






Earlier today,  I started working on a speech based radio program on a community station just outside Glasgow.


radiohostMe and my good friend Bob Cochrane, who works as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, have joined forces

to create; “Better Out Than In!”

“Better Out Than In!” is intended to be a light hearted show about a serious subject “talking therapies”!



It’s hoped we can use the programme as a way to spread the word about mental health issues and the need to face any emotional or psychological problems that people may face from time to time in their lives, especially Men!

john wayne

Big hard men from inner city areas who work hard and play hard and never bother to show their tender side or get emotional and would rather die than admit they maybe have an issue with relationships or substances or the way they traditionally handle problems in their lives!

Bob and I are hardly big hard men! Well we’re certianly big, you see we’re a pair of overweight, middle aged blokes who first met each other about twenty years ago when we were both field sales reps in the telecoms business!

raymond and bob

We have very similar backgrounds and at the time we were both married with kids and living a fairly normal life except that Bob was also a Clyde FC supporter so he always had more anxiety in his life.

Since then, we have both seen our marriages crumble to nothing and our careers change direction, I went full time as a stand-up comic and Bob went and got a psychology degree and trained as a counsellor.

Bob listens to his customers and I talk to my customers, when Bob’s customers pipe up it’s because they are maybe in some trouble and when mine pipe up then I am definitely in trouble!

I considered a career as a psychologist myself after my marriage failed in a bid to better understand my own beliefs and behaviours, but I doubt very much if I have the mind-set for it!

Nobody, who has ever seen me do stand-up comedy, especially when I compere shows, would ever in a million years believe I could be a counsellor.

Imagine, if I was a counsellor and I heard a hard luck story?

I would probably snort and say “that’s nothing mate, listen to this hard luck story, this happened to me! Now shut up and get a life!”


I don’t think that’s going to help very much!

I can safely say that I am no loss whatever to the counselling profession, Thank God!




The show takes the form of me and Bob talking about our troubles and Bob goes into the machanics of his profession, and helps us to understand the reasons why we feel the way we do and why we say and do the things that sometimes can be bad for us!

It’s a brilliant show and really helps me personally, to understand a lot more about issues surrounding, anxiety, anger, depression, addiction and the things related to that.

At the same time we hope that listeners to the show will maybe identify with some of the things they are hearing about and make a choice to face up to what ails them and hopefully, get the help that is available out there, to cope and manage things a bit better.

The show goes out every Sunday afternoon on Camglen Radio 107.9FM in Glasgow between 2pm and 3pm. However, if you are not within range of the transmitter, then fear not, you can also listen in on the web via www.camglenradio.org


Each week we hope to build on Bob’s knowledge and experience in a way that is informative and entertaining, we really hope you can tune in and join in by emailing us when we are on air if there is anything you feel you can contribute.

healthynhappyCamglen Radio is a community based radio station set up by Healthy n Happy, a community development trust whose primary purpose is to improve the lives of people living within the areas surrounding Rutherglen and Cambuslang!

You can find out more about Happy n Healthy by going to their website: http://www.healthynhappy.org.uk/



Despite the fact we were both nervous, as it was our first time live On Air, It was a good first show!


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