Another **** 4 Star Review for “Hindsight” – Edinburgh Festival Magazine

With minimal set, props or gimmicky effects, it was down to the scripts, direction and actor’s skill to hold our attention for the full hour in Keir McAllister’s play, “Hindsight”.      I, for one, could not take my eyes off the stage. 

As you would expect from a stand-up who has written for shows such as Mock the Week and Russell Howard’s Good News, the discourse between the three main characters was clever, funny, self-aware and fast-paced. There were a number of brilliantly subtle and hilarious jokes, but sometimes I feared so subtle and delivered at such speed, they could be missed by some. You need to keep your wits about you.

Without such good actors, these words could fall flat. This, happily, is not the case. James Kirk (Gary: Tank Commander and Bob Servant) is likeable, believable and brilliant as Rob, the young man about to take that monumental, life changing decision to propose to his girlfriend. Suddenly a masked intruder, bearing many similarities to Rob himself, begins violently laying out his future mistakes. Raymond Mearns is also great as the embittered aggressor, with the dialogue between the two seamless and natural. Paul Sneddon’s appearance towards the end of the play also adds a good balance and makes the audience question what the validity of what they’ve heard.

The brilliant repartee between Kirk and Mearns is not just for laughs; the play’s darker tone brings to light more questions for us to ponder as we leave the theatre: how the decisions we make can impact and determine our future, but also who we become.

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