**** 4 Star Review for “Hindsight” Fringe 2013 – One4Review.co.uk

Delighted to post details of the very first review for “Hindsight” the play penned by Keir McAllister, Directed by Phil Differ and featuring James Kirk, Paul Sneddon and yours truly:

Hindsight is a dark comedy play about growing up and the Hadron Collider written by stalwart of the Scottish comedy scene Keir McAllister and features three of his peers James Kirk, Raymond Mearns and Paul Sneddon. Add to the mix the direction of Phil Differ and you can be certain that this is one hour that is never going to be short of laughs and that is a fact.

Set in the flat of student Rob this slick, fast paced drama commences with him waiting for his girlfriend Nicky to come round for a special dinner. The bell doorbell rings and instead of the love of his life there is a baseball bat wielding, balaclava wearing intruder with a strange demand and we are off on a kaleidoscope of mixed feelings, emotions and intrigue peppered throughout with really funny moments.

The script is well written by McAllister, plenty twists and turns as well as comedy to keep the audience on its toes, the characterisation gives plenty of scope for the actors to showcase their talents and Differ’s direction keeps the pot boiling nicely.

The performance I saw was the first one of the run but there was no evidence of this as the sound professional performance was excellent, and I would have no hesitation to recommending this as an excellent way to start the Fringe day.


The Play is on at 1.15pm every day (except 12th August) at Studio 1 in the Assembly Rooms as part of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


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